Glass Wings Blog: Australia

1 in 4 Australians is lonely. Quality green spaces in our cities offer a solution
10 images show just how attractive Australian shopping strips can be without cars
The 2019–2020 Australian forest fires are a harbinger of decreased prescribed burning effectiveness under rising extreme conditions
2022: Australia’s year of living forgetfully
3 lessons from Australia’s ‘climate wars’ and how we can finally achieve better climate policy
3 types of denial that allow Australians to feel OK about how we treat refugees
3 ways the Albanese government can turn Australia into a renewable energy superpower – without leaving anyone behind
360in360: a couple’s 360-day journey to encapsulate Australia’s natural beauty
4 ways to understand why Australia is so cold right now despite global warming
5 big trends in Australians getting scammed
A clinical psychiatrist reveals how Indian women in Australia experience family violence – and how to combat it
A deadly disease has driven 7 Australian frogs to extinction – but this endangered frog is fighting back
‘A disease’: Caste discrimination in Australia is on the rise – but some are fighting back
A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down. If it collapses, La Niña could become the norm for Australia
A new Australian supercomputer has already delivered a stunning supernova remnant pic
A penguin farm in the Australian desert: a thought experiment that reveals the flaws our in environment laws
A sham sentence after a secret trial for Aung San Suu Kyi’s Australian economic adviser
Abortion is no longer a crime in Australia. So why is it still so hard to access?
ACT releases Australian-first draft law to protect intersex children from irreversible medical harm
Activists say Iran regime targeting families of Australian protesters
Advocates make case for more electric vehicle charging stations in outback Australia
After a year of rain, towns at the end of Australia’s giant river system await the slow, inevitable deluge
After decades putting the brakes on global action, does Australia deserve to host UN climate talks with Pacific nations?
After Queen Elizabeth II's death, Indigenous Australia can't be expected to shut up. Our sorry business is without end
After the Optus data breach, Australia needs mandatory disclosure laws
After years of austerity, Revive writes the next chapter in Australian literary culture
Albanese is promising ‘truth-telling’ in our Australian education system. Here’s what needs to happen
Albanese just laid out a radical new vision for Australia in the region: clean energy exporter and green manufacturer
Albanese wants to ‘change the way’ we do politics in Australia. Here are 4 ways to do it
All the Cool Stuff We Saw at CES 2023 That You Can’t Get in Australia
Almost 800 large companies paid no tax in 2020-21, Australian Taxation Office report reveals
Amateur Broken Hill astronomer wins Astronomical Society of Australia award
Amid a worsening refugee crisis, public support is high in both Australia and NZ to accept more Rohingya
‘An economic fairytale’: Australia’s inflation being driven by company profits and not wages, analysis finds
Anthony Albanese confirms NASA will launch rockets from Australia
Anti-satellite weapons: the US has sworn off tests, and Australia should follow suit
Are Australians socially inclusive? 5 things we learned after surveying 11,000 people for half a decade
‘Are we alone in the universe?’: work begins in Western Australia on world’s most powerful radio telescopes
As livestock theft becomes a growing problem in rural Australia, new technologies offer hope
As News Corp goes ‘rogue’ on election coverage, what price will Australian democracy pay?
As the world searches for safe, low-cost big batteries, an old Australian invention is getting new attention
At 16, Australians can drive, work and apply for the army – so why can’t they vote?
At Fitzroy Crossing and around Australia, community radio empowers local responses to climate impacts
Aussie classic 4WD startup becomes biggest global EV conversion manufacturer
Australia already has a UK-style windfall profits tax on gas – but we’ll give away tens of billions of dollars unless we fix it soon
Australia and the US are firm friends on defence – now let’s turn that into world-beating climate action
Australia at risk of electricity supply shortages as renewable projects lag behind coal plant closures
Australia can help ensure the biggest mine in PNG’s history won’t leave a toxic legacy
Australia could rapidly shift to clean transport – if we had a strategy. So we put this plan together
Australia Day hasn’t always been on January 26, but it has always been an issue
Australia faces worsening extreme weather events latest BoM and CSIRO climate report finds
Australia finally has new climate laws. Now, let’s properly consider the astounding social cost of carbon
Australia has a once in a lifetime opportunity to break the stranglehold fossil fuels have on our politics
Australia has been crying out for a national housing plan, and new council is a big step towards having one
Australia has hundreds of mammal species. We want to find them all – before they’re gone
Australia has overshot three planetary boundaries based on how we use land
Australia has relied on agricultural innovation to farm our dry land. We’ll need more for the uncertain years ahead
Australia invests $4.29bn in renewable energy in December quarter, 10 times the previous three months
Australia is bringing migrant workers back – but exploitation is still rampant. Here are 3 changes needed now
Australia is dragging its feet on healthy eating. In 5 years we’ve made woeful progress
Australia is failing on electric vehicles. California shows it’s possible to pick up the pace
Australia is heading for its third Omicron wave. Here’s what to expect from BA.4 and BA.5
Australia is poised to be a world leader in offshore wind, but any potential risks to marine life remain poorly regulated
Australia just flew its own ‘vomit comet’. It’s a big deal for zero-gravity space research
Australia needs much more solar and wind power, but where are the best sites? We mapped them all
Australia ordered to negotiate with 122 Indonesians wrongly held in adult jails when they were children
Australia plans to be a big green hydrogen exporter to Asian markets – but they don’t need it
Australia relies on controversial offsets to meet climate change targets. We might not get away with it in Egypt
Australia risks relying on Pfizer and Moderna for its COVID vaccines. 3 ways to break free
Australia risks UN human rights blacklisting as states fail to meet prison obligations
Australia should have a universal basic income for artists. Here’s what that could look like
Australia spent a million dollars training me – and now I’m leaving
Australia surpasses 10,000 Covid deaths as authorities warn of another wave of infections
Australia urged to take leadership role at Cop15 biodiversity summit
Australia violated the rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to act on climate change, the UN says. Here’s what that means
Australia wants a space industry. So why won’t we pay for the basic research to drive it?
Australia wasn’t always supportive of India becoming independent. But 75 years on, relations have thawed
Australian businesses prematurely disposing of devices
Australian companies to take part in four-day working week trial
Australian electric vehicle buyer’s guide for 2023 – the best and worst
Australian electrolyzer invention enables green hydrogen under US$1.5/kg by ‘mid 2020s’
Australian food is grown with dangerous chemicals banned in other countries
Australian fossil fuel megaprojects at risk from record high global gas prices
Australian government pledges to recycle all plastics by 2040
Australian government to crack down on nicotine e-cigarettes as rates of teen vaping skyrocket
Australian government urged to ‘stop playing with people’s lives’ as people returned to detention
Australian governments have kept much of their COVID research and modelling secret. Why?
Australian Indigenous leaders say ‘need to be’ at climate table
Australian Labor isn’t alone. Parties of the left are making a comeback
Australian losses to online marketplace fraud increase as scams become increasingly sophisticated
Australian prime minister blasts opposition leader over demand to ‘rule out’ compensating other countries for climate crisis
Australian schools are starting to provide food, but we need to think carefully before we ‘ditch the lunchbox’
Australian solar giants win “Nobel for engineering” for delivering low cost solar to the world
Australian species brought back from extinction in NSW after 200 years
Australian state of Victoria introduces bigger energy storage deployment target than New York
Australian winery readies to power cellar door with Nissan Leaf and V2H
Australian women are largely doing the same jobs they’ve always had, latest data shows
Australian women will need ‘more than 200 years’ to reach income equity with men
Australian writing and publishing faces ‘grinding austerity’ as funding continues to decline
Australians are tired of lies in political advertising. Here’s how it can be fixed
Australians pay $163 a month on average to store all the stuff we buy – how can we stop overconsuming?
Australians turning to buy now, pay later schemes for groceries ‘stuck in a revolving door’ of debt
Australians warned of 'another COVID wave' as sub-variants take hold
Australia’s backlog of soft plastic could be processed overseas before supermarket scheme is rebooted
Australia’s biggest electric bus depot offers solar and battery blueprint for future
Australia’s borders are open, so where are all the backpackers?
Australia’s cities policies are seriously inadequate for tackling the climate crisis
Australia’s ‘cleaner coal’ is a systematic export scam, Wilkie to tell parliament
Australia’s cotton farmers can help prevent exploitation in the global garment industry
Australia’s Covid hospital admissions at highest level since summer
Australia’s environment law doesn’t protect the environment – an alarming message from the recent duty-quashing climate case
Australia’s finally acknowledged climate change is a national security threat. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid
Australia’s first electric prime mover fleet unveiled, with swap and go batteries
Australia’s first female journalists reported on wars and human rights around the world – but many died in obscurity
Australia’s income support increase is woefully inadequate and barely dents the spiralling cost of living
Australia's largest floating solar panel system set to save money and reduce emissions in Warrnambool
Australia’s loneliest tree is also one of the world’s rarest
Australia’s new pay equality law risks failing women – unless we make this simple fix
Australia’s next government must start talking about a ‘just transition’ from coal. Here’s where to begin
Australia’s next government must tackle our collapsing ecosystems and extinction crisis
Australia’s ‘quiet diplomacy’ approach to human rights in India has failed, advocates say
Australia’s record on energy efficiency has been woeful for decades, but that could be about to change
Australia’s red goshawk is disappearing. How can we save our rarest bird of prey from extinction?
Australia’s special visa program for Ukrainians to end, despite war raging on
Australia’s ‘Teal Independents’ Are a Conservative Force for Climate Action
Australia’s temporary visa system is unfair, expensive, impractical and inconsistent. Here’s how the new government could fix it
Australia’s twice extended deadline for torture prevention is today, but we’ve missed it again
Australia’s Upcycled Skyscraper is The First of its Kind
Australia’s wellbeing budget: what we can – and can’t – learn from NZ
Backcountry visitors are leaving poo piles in the Australian Alps – and it’s a problem
‘Bad and getting worse’: Labor promises law reform for Australia’s environment. Here’s what you need to know
Bail Conditions For Arrested Australian Activists Demand The Impossible: No Using Encrypted Applications
Battery-farmed eggs to be phased out by 2036 as Australian animal welfare reforms are brought in
“Biggest technology leap in history:” Australia missing out on electric truck revolution
The ‘Biloela family’ are going home – but what will Labor do with thousands of other asylum seekers in limbo in Australia?
‘Bodies start to cook’: poor housing in remote communities puts lives at risk in northern Australia heatwave
BP unveils its first fast-charging station in Australia
Brekkies, barbies, mozzies: why do Aussies shorten so many words?
British investors could sue Australia over climate action if UK joins trans-Pacific trade pact
Building the Ventilation Revolution would clear indoor air, helping our kids and older Australians breathe easier
Call for urgent overhaul of Australia’s monitoring of ‘astronomical’ plastic pollution
Can we solve Australia's housing crisis? Ambitious plan launched to eradicate rental stress and lower homeless rate
Cartoon detectives: how Australia’s most famous cartoon was lost and found – twice
Cate Blanchett Teaches You Australian Slang
Changing the Australian Constitution is not easy. But we need to stop thinking it’s impossible
‘Chaos’: Australian doctors call for renewed focus on Covid-19 as winter sets in
‘Cheaper, better’ Australian solar tiles take on Tesla and the world
China is gunning for supremacy in the global green hydrogen race. Will it shatter Australia’s dreams?
China’s demand for seaborne coal is set to drop fast and far. Australia should take note.
Chinese women face a complex homecoming after studying in Australia
Chloé: how a 19th-century French nude ended up in a Melbourne pub – and became an icon for Australian soldiers
Climate change has made old measures predicting weather events in Australia 'essentially worthless'
Climate change is transforming Australia’s cultural life – so why isn’t it mentioned in the new national cultural policy?
Climate change killed 40 million Australian mangroves in 2015. Here’s why they’ll probably never grow back
Climate change threatens up to 100% of trees in Australian cities, and most urban species worldwide
Climate crisis will bring more and worse tropical cyclones to Australia’s east coast, study predicts
Close call: most popular Australian baby names of the past century revealed
Cold, remote and risky: why Australia is turning to robots to boost its presence in Antarctica
Communal living is growing in Australia. Residents say it can create community and reduce cost of living
Conflict in the South China Sea threatens 90% of Australia’s fuel imports: study
Conservation efforts celebrated as 26 Australian species no longer need threatened listing
Cotton on: one of Australia’s most lucrative farming industries is in the firing line as climate change worsens
COVID complications push Australian deaths to highest numbers in 40 years
‘Covid is not going to go away’: Australia will require public health measures for foreseeable future, say experts
Covid-19: Australia’s future policies will be evidence led after “profound impact” of latest wave, says minister
Covid-19 case numbers exploding across Australia as fourth wave takes off
COVID-19 infections in Australia hit worldwide highs — and experts predict another Omicron variant spike is coming
COVID-19 reinfections on the rise across Australia as experts warn Omicron 'has tricks up its sleeve'
CSIRO says Australia can – and must – build its own silicon and solar cell supply chain
Deadly new UK strep A variant leading to disease surge in Australia
Deliveroo’s exit from Australia shows why gig workers need more protection
Democracies are fragile. Australians must act urgently to safeguard ours
Did Australia just make a move to the left?
Diphtheria is back in Australia, here’s why – and how vaccines can prevent its spread
Does Australia need new laws to combat right-wing extremism?
Does Australia’s harsh asylum seeker policy matter to the average Australian? It depends whether they have to get off the couch
‘Draconian and undemocratic’: why criminalising climate protesters in Australia doesn’t actually work
Dreyfus ends prosecution of lawyer over alleged leaking about Australian spying in against Timor-Leste
The economic and cultural value of the Australian book industry deserves more government support
Electric cars to power South Australian homes in new trial
Electric planes sound like a fantasy but they may be the future for short-haul in Australia
Electric utes are finally being shipped to Australia. They're about to boom in popularity, report predicts
Electricity generated by burning native Australian timber no longer classified as renewable energy
Emission Control: Last year’s fossil fuel subsidies could have paid for an EV charging station every 50km around Australia
‘The entire industry is based on hunches’: is Australian publishing an art, a science or a gamble?
EV incentives focused on urban centres leave rural Australians stranded with fossil fuels
Every Australian will be touched by climate change. So let’s start a national conversation about how we’ll cope
‘Everyone wants a piece’: Are electric vehicles Australia’s opportunity of a lifetime?
‘Everything’s gone’: eerie silence on Enid Street provides a glimpse into Australia’s climate future
Explainer: why are Covid infection rates in Australia so high compared with other countries?
The facts about COVID in Australia
Fail: our report card on the government’s handling of Australia’s extinction crisis
Fatal heart attacks have surged in Australia. Here’s why
Few Australians have the right to work from home, even after COVID. Here’s how that could change
Few restrictions, no spending limit, and almost no oversight: welcome to political advertising in Australia
Finally, Australia sees video games are important – but it can’t be only because they make money
Finally bold and imaginative: the first major redesign of the National Museum of Australia is a triumph
The first Australian First Nations anthology of speculative fiction is playful, bitter, loud and proud
Floss the dog goes on epic Australian road trip to find home, with animal shelters inundated amid rental crisis
For Australia to lead the way on green hydrogen, first we must find enough water
For the traumatised Australian children escaping Syrian detention camps, help here will be life-changing
Friday essay: 1 in 25 Australians have been estranged from their families. True stories about this can make people feel less alone
Friday essay: a slave state - how blackbirding in colonial Australia created a legacy of racism
Friday essay: how policies favouring rich, older people make young Australians Generation F-d
Friday essay: ‘I said no’ – Nie’s refusal and the troubling question of Pacific slavery in Australia
Friday essay: ‘killed by Natives’. The stories – and violent reprisals – behind some of Australia’s settler memorials
From lollies and baked beans to internet cafes and selfie sticks — the long history of the Australian corner shop
From the Amazon to Australia, why is your money funding Earth’s destruction?
G’day, the short film (2022) | Official Film | Tourism Australia
Global coal use in 2022 is reaching an all-time high, but Australia is bucking the trend
Global recession looks likely. Even if Australia escapes it, we are in for a bad couple of years
Global success of Cult of the Lamb showcases Australia’s video games development talent
Greater gliders are hurtling towards extinction, and the blame lies squarely with Australian governments
Groundbreaking studies of Earth’s churning oceans recognised at Australia’s most prestigious science prizes this year
‘Gut-wrenching and infuriating’: why Australia is the world leader in mammal extinctions, and what to do about it
Half a million Australians could soon be experiencing long COVID. So what do we know, and what support is available?
Half of Australia’s biggest companies have net-zero emissions plans, but climate action may come too late
Has US-style politicisation of the courts come to Australia?
‘Have you recently had an abortion?’ Australian transiting through US questioned then deported
Here are the countries leading the way on recycling, and how Australia can catch up
Here’s how we track down and very carefully photograph Australia’s elusive snakes
Hidden costs, manipulation, forced continuity: report reveals how Australian consumers are being duped online
Hidden gems: Translators and interpreters in Australia play a critical if seldom seen role
Hidden women of history: how ‘Lady’ Williams founded a great Australian apple
The High Court of Australia has a majority of women justices for the first time. Here’s why that matters
The historic COP15 outcome is an imperfect game-changer for saving nature. Here’s why Australia did us proud
Honest Government Ad | Visit Western Australia
‘Horrific’ incidents revealed in Australia mining inquiry
The housing wealth gap between older and younger Australians has widened alarmingly in the past 30 years. Here’s why
How and why Australian whistleblowing laws need an overhaul: new report
How are Australians feeling after more than two years of Covid? Exhausted, mostly
How Australian economist Sean Turnell came to be in and freed from a Myanmar jail
How Australia’s expanding environmental movement is breaking the climate action deadlock in politics
How culling Australia’s feral water buffalo could help tackle climate change
How has COVID affected Australians’ health? New report shows where we’ve failed and done well
How housing made rich Australians 50% richer, leaving renters and the young behind – and how to fix it
How immigration changed Australia – an interactive journey through history
How much more revenue would the Australian government have if it taxed gas companies properly?
How prisons, drug smugglers and the war in Ukraine made Australia's DroneShield a global success
How rural landsharing and co-housing are helping Australians enter the property market and find community
How should an Australian ‘centre for disease control’ prepare us for the next pandemic?
How to deal with fossil fuel lobbying and its growing influence in Australian politics
How to improve the migration system for the good of temporary migrants – and Australia
How young Black African Australians use social media to challenge anti-Black narratives and reclaim racial dignity
Humans And Cockatoos Are Embroiled in an Escalating 'Arms Race' in Australia
‘Hustling’: Australian companies embracing the four day work week
‘I couldn’t love her’: the last UK child migrants to Australia on the long, lonely search for their mothers
I'm one of thousands of Australians with chronic fatigue syndrome but I'm lucky: I've become a human experiment
Imagine it’s 2030 and Australia is a renewable energy superpower in Southeast Asia
Imperfect match: Australian renters in the dark over use of data by tech company Snug
‘Impressive rafting skills’: the 8-million-year old origin story of how rodents colonised Australia
In 10 Years, Australia Will Decide the Fate of Our Planet
In 2022, Australia’s governments finally got moving on climate. Here’s how
In Australia and South Africa, construction has started on the biggest radio observatory in Earth’s history
In Australia, Russians and Ukrainians unite against Putin’s war
In Australia’s Election, Rupert Murdoch Was a Surprise Loser
‘In it for the ride’: who are Voyager, the synth-metal band representing Australia at Eurovision?
In The Australian Wars, Rachel Perkins dispenses with the myth Aboriginal people didn’t fight back
Is Australia in the firing line of a new Chinese campaign against the US?
It is time for Australia to establish a national Ministry for Culture
It was long thought these fossils came from an eagle. Turns out they belong to the only known vulture species from Australia
‘It’s kind of suffocating’: queer young Australians speak about how they feel at school and what they think of politicians
It’s not just Australian students who need more food, university staff are also going hungry
It’s time to tax mining and energy giants properly. Struggling Australians should share in their record profits
It’s tradition: Indigenous designs have been on Australian money since decimalisation
Jailing Indonesians for shark finning in Australian waters doesn’t solve the real driver – poverty
Japan’s Old Enough and Australia’s Bluey remind us our kids are no longer ‘free range’ – but we can remake our neighbourhoods
Just a lick of paint: CEFC backs Aussie coating innovation to slash transport emissions
“Key turning point:” Express freight giant makes biggest order for electric trucks in Australia
Kurdish refugee nominated for top Australian art prize
Labor promised to fix Australia’s big water problem. These 6 things must top the to-do list
Labor’s ‘sensible’ budget leaves Australians short-changed on climate action. Here’s where it went wrong
The latest polio cases have put the world on alert. Here’s what this means for Australia and people travelling overseas
Leeton migrants share stories of life in Australia's friendliest town with Back Roads
‘Let’s rip it off her head’: new research shows Islamophobia continues at disturbing levels in Australia
Let’s show a bit of love for the lillipilly. This humble plant forms the world’s largest genus of trees – and should be an Australian icon
The lie of aqua nullius, ‘nobody’s water’, prevails in Australia. Indigenous water reserves are not enough to deliver justice
Local efforts have cut plastic waste on Australia’s beaches by almost 30% in 6 years
The long and storied history of transgender people in Australia and beyond
Long Covid clinic wait times blow out to five months as Australia’s health experts call for national approach
Long Covid Costs Australia Economy $3.6 Billion a Year: Report
Long-lost footage of John Farnham preserves a moment in Australian TV history
‘Magic in your own back yard’: Danish artist hides enormous trolls deep in Western Australia
The magnificent Lake Eyre Basin is threatened by 831 oil and gas wells – and more are planned. Is that what Australians really want?
Majority of Australians back taxing fossil fuel companies’ super profits, survey shows
Meet Australia's 'MONSTER' EV! And other tales from 'Down Under'.
Meet the world’s largest plant: a single seagrass clone stretching 180 km in Western Australia’s Shark Bay
Megadroughts helped topple ancient empires. We’ve found their traces in Australia’s past, and expect more to come
Meghan Markle’s podcast sparked a global discussion around colourism. What is it and how does it look in Australia?
Millions of Australians still haven’t had their COVID boosters. What message could convince them now?
Molly Meldrum at 80: how the ‘artfully incoherent’ presenter changed Australian music – and Australian music journalism
Monty Python meets Kraftwerk: Introducing Australia’s new Eurovision entry
More affordable housing with less homelessness is possible – if only Australia would learn from Nordic nations
Most older Australians aren’t in aged care. Policy blind spots mean they live in communities that aren’t age-friendly
Motoring clubs to double size of Australia’s biggest EV charging network after buyout
Mount Kosciuszko: how Australia’s highest peak came to be named for a freedom fighter against Russian aggression
Murdoch v Crikey highlights how Australia’s defamation laws protect the rich and powerful
NASA: First launch from commercial space centre outside of US takes off from Australia
NASA to launch 3 rockets from Northern Territory in boost for Australian space efforts
Natural systems in Australia are unravelling. If they collapse, human society could too
Nature’s deteriorating health is threatening the wellbeing of Australians, the State of the Environment report finds
Nearly 6 months on, flood victims are still waiting to be housed. This is what Australia must do to be ready for the next disaster
New electric cars for under $45,000? They’re finally coming to Australia – but the battle isn’t over
New immigration detention bill could give Australia a fresh chance to comply with international law
No love for letters: Australia Post’s daily deliveries under review as traditional mail declines
No questions asked: money laundering thrives in Australia because of professionals willing to facilitate it
No, signing the global methane pledge won’t end the backyard barbecue – it’ll strengthen Aussie industries
No wonder no one wants to be a teacher: world-first study looks at 65,000 news articles about Australian teachers
Nordic criminal justice: How does it differ from Australia and does it work?
‘Nostalgic’ classics, or edgy contemporary texts? What books are kids reading in Australian schools – and does it matter?
Not cool: push for insulation in all Australian rental homes as study shows dangerous heat levels
Now diphtheria: is northern NSW incubating another Australian health crisis?
Now, we begin: 10 simple ways to make Australia’s climate game truly next-level
Once the fish factories and ‘kidneys’ of colder seas, Australia’s decimated shellfish reefs are coming back
One of Australia’s tiniest mammals is heading for extinction – but you can help
‘One of the most progressive and environmentally conscious legal texts on the planet’: Chile’s proposed constitution and its lessons for Australia
One of these underrated animals should be Australia’s 2032 Olympic mascot. Which would you choose?
One year into Taliban control, Afghans face poverty and repression. Australia cannot turn a blind eye
Opening 10 new oil and gas sites is a win for fossil fuel companies – but a staggering loss for the rest of Australia
Out of bounds: how much does greenwashing cost fossil-fuel sponsors of Australian sport?
Overcoming bias in the next generation: 5 unmissable Australian queer picture books
‘Overwhelmingly Anglo-Celtic’: new report shows diversity still lacking on Australian free-to-air TV news
Pandemic pain remains as Australia’s economic recovery leaves the poor behind
Paxlovid ‘last drug in the cupboard’ for Covid as variants in Australia evade other treatments
Pay secrecy clauses are now banned in Australia; here’s how that could benefit you
Peppa Pig has introduced a pair of lesbian polar bears, but Aussie kids’ TV has been leading the way in queer representation
Photos from the field: our voyage investigating Australia’s submarine landslides and deep-marine canyons
Political instability and damage to infrastructure: how climate change could undermine Australia’s national security
Politicians in high-vis say they love manufacturing. But if we want more Australian-made jobs, here’s what we need
Poorly ventilated buildings are allowed under Australia rules – it’s time to fix it
Poverty isn’t a temporary experience in Australia. We need urgent policy tackling persistent disadvantage
Precarious employment, hiring discrimination and a toxic workplace: what work looks like for Australian cinematographers
Prejudice, poor pay and the ‘urinary leash’: naming and claiming Australia’s forgotten women scientists
Proceeds of crime: gambling firms keep millions when Australians steal to fund addiction
Protecting 30% of Australia’s land and sea by 2030 sounds great – but it’s not what it seems
Queensland man quits job to create successful Aussie-themed video game 'Dinkum'
Racism at work: a call to anti-racist action for Australian organisations
Racism is still an everyday experience for non-white Australians. Where is the plan to stop this?
Red dirt, yellow sun, green steel: how Australia could benefit from a global shift to emissions-free steel
Reducing COVID transmission by 20% could save 2,000 Australian lives this year
Refugees alleging horrific treatment in Australian detention centres face lengthy court delays
Refugees held offshore plead with Australia to be moved, saying ‘every day is suffering’
Relief as Australian Sean Turnell to be released from prison in Myanmar, but more needs to be done
Research reveals fire is pushing 88% of Australia’s threatened land mammals closer to extinction
Returning a name to an artist: the work of Majumbu, a previously unknown Australian painter
Rewiring Australia founder Saul Griffith is a man on a mission to electrify the nation, one suburb at a time
Rising corporate profits major factor in Australia’s escalating inflation, report finds
Ross Garnaut thinks Australia can become a low-carbon superpower; Clive Hamilton is not convinced
Runner says no to competing for GB in Australia over flight climate concerns
The rush to renewable energy means a new mining boom. But first, Australia needs to make some tough choices
‘Sad and distressing’: massive numbers of bird deaths in Australian heatwaves reveal a profound loss is looming
Santos whistleblower accuses company of covering up extent of Australian oil spill that killed dolphins
Santos windfall: Australia is swimming in subsidised gas and we’re giving it away
Scott Morrison says Australia's emissions record is better than the US, NZ, Canada, Japan and many European countries. Is that correct?
Screen Australia Is Funding All 31 Of These Aussie-Made Games
SEA charges up Australian electric truck transition
Seastock completes first harvest of methane-reducing seaweed asparagopsis in Western Australia
Sending teens to maximum security prisons shows Australia needs to raise the age of criminal responsibility
Should Australia make electric vehicles?
Single-use plastic plates and bowls and cotton buds next to be banned in South Australia
Sky News Australia is a global hub for climate misinformation, report says
So long, Loy Yang: shutting Australia’s dirtiest coal plant a decade early won’t jeopardise our electricity supply
Social cohesion under strain as equality, climate and inflation woes heighten Australians’ fears, research finds
Social media campaign linked to Chinese government spreading disinformation about Australian politics, thinktank says
Soil abounds with life – and supports all life above it. But Australian soils need urgent repair
Sold out: why Australia doesn’t have enough electric vehicles to go around
The South Australian Greens wants to mandate use of expiry dates for electronic devices
South Australia’s 100% renewable energy transformation
Sri Lanka scrambles for aid – but Australia still seems preoccupied by boats
Standing up for the free press: here’s what abuse of media power looks like in Australia
State of the climate: what Australians need to know about major new report
Stone the crows! Could corvids be Australia’s smartest export?
Study finds famous Australian caves are up to 500,000 years older than we thought - and it could help explain a megafauna mystery
System to protect Australia’s threatened species from development ‘more or less worthless’, study finds
Tanya Plibersek killed off Clive Palmer’s coal mine. It’s an Australian first – but it may never happen again
Taxes out, subsidies in: Australia and the US are passing major climate bills – without taxing carbon
Thanks to heavy rain, Australia’s environment scores a 7 out of 10 – but the future remains bleak
‘Theatre and pop at its absolute excess’: William Shakespeare meets Britney Spears as "& Juliet" comes to Australia
There’s a huge surge in solar production under way – and Australia could show the world how to use it
There's a new call in Australia to ban petrol car sales. How do we compare to the rest of the world?
‘They miss out’: soaring rents and insufficient support force more uni students in Australia to live with parents
‘They were tiny’: the Indonesians still fighting their conviction as adults in Australia
This Australian grasshopper gave up sex 250,000 years ago and it’s doing fine
‘This case has made legal history’: young Australians just won a human rights case against an enormous coal mine
This is Australia’s most important report on the environment’s deteriorating health. We present its grim findings
This is what Australia needs to bring to Egypt for COP27
This is where we live: has Australia been a good neighbour in the Pacific?
This mosquito species from Papua New Guinea was lost for 90 years – until a photographer snapped a picture of it in Australia
This teenager has offers from three Australian universities but can't accept any
Thousands more Australians died in 2022 than expected. COVID was behind the majority of them
Thousands of giant crabs amass off Australia’s coast. Scientists need your help to understand it
Thousands of photos captured by everyday Australians reveal the secrets of our marine life as oceans warm
Threatened Australians
Time’s up: why Australia has to quit stalling and wean itself off fossil fuels
Tiny and alternate houses can help ease Australia’s rental affordability crisis
The Tiny Australian Territory That Avoided the Global Energy Crisis
To clean up Australia’s power grid, we’re going to need many thousands more skilled workers – and fast
To lock out foot-and-mouth disease, Australia must help our neighbour countries bolster their biosecurity
To protect vulnerable Australians from COVID this winter, we need to pick up the pace on third doses
To really address climate change, Australia could make 27 times as much electricity and make it renewable
‘Toxic cover-up’: 6 lessons Australia can draw from the UN’s scathing report on greenwashing
Tradition and innovation: how we are documenting sign language in a Gurindji community in northern Australia
Travelling around Australia this summer? Here’s how to know if the water is safe to drink
Tree weighing eight tonnes pulled from South Australia's Murray River as floodwater recedes
Two thirds of Australian authors are women – new research finds they earn just $18,200 a year from their writing
Two years into the pandemic, why is Australia still short of medicines?
The UK just hit 40℃ for the first time. It’s a stark reminder of the deadly heat awaiting Australia
UK moves to copy Australia’s cruel asylum-seeker policy – and it will have the same heavy human toll
The UN committee against torture has found Australia still has work to do
UN condemns arbitrary detention of Iranian refugee in Australia
UN ends Australia anti-torture mission after inspectors barred
The UN says access to a healthy environment is a human right. Here’s what it means for Australia
The unconscionable prosecution of Bernard Collaery was an assault on the values Australia holds dear
Underlying Australia’s inflation problem is a historic shift of income from workers to corporate profits
The US FDA has moved to ban menthol cigarettes. Australia should do that and more
The US has finally passed a huge climate bill. Australia needs to keep up
US LGBT nightclub shooting shows why Australia must reform hate crime laws
Vale Judith Durham, the cuddly Aussie ‘girl-next-door’ whose soaring voice found international fame
Vanishing bird: the mystery of the ‘near-mythical’ Australian painted-snipe
Virtual reality, autonomous weapons and the future of war: military tech startup Anduril comes to Australia
Voyager - Promise | Australia 🇦🇺 | Official Music Video | Eurovision 2023
Wave of new Australian citizens celebrated in Merri-bek after Australia Day ceremonies rule repealed
We are on the brink of losing Indigenous languages in Australia – could schools save them?
We asked Australian children what they needed from their communities. Here’s what they said
We blew the whistle on Australia’s central climate policy. Here’s what a new federal government probe must fix
We found 29 threatened species are back from the brink in Australia. Here’s how
‘We haven’t built it, and they’ve come’: the e-change pressures on Australia’s lifestyle towns
We pay billions to subsidise Australia’s fossil fuel industry. This makes absolutely no economic sense
‘Weak’ political leadership putting Australians at risk of long Covid unknowns, AMA says
Welcome to Australia, a thrilling experiment in carbon capture
What Australia learned from recent devastating floods – and how New Zealand can apply those lessons now
What risks could pet hamsters and gerbils pose in Australia?
What the next Australian government must do to save the Great Barrier Reef
What will Australia's fourth year of the COVID-19 pandemic look like?
While Australians line up for COVID boosters, low vaccination rates in poor countries continue to cost lives
Who’s holding back electric cars in Australia? We’ve long known the answer – and it’s time to clear the road
Why a shift to basing vehicle registration fees on emissions matters for Australia
Why Are People Still Blaming Facebook For Australia’s Terrible News Linking Tax Law?
Why Australia’s daily Covid cases are on the rise again
Why has a UN torture prevention subcommittee suspended its visit to Australia?
Why increasing support for Ukraine is critical to Australia’s security as a ‘middle power’
Why is a UN torture prevention committee visiting Australia?
Why is so much of Australia flooding right now?
Why Queensland is still ground zero for Australian deforestation
Why security vetting in Australia can be detrimental to diversity
Why Tasmania and Victoria dominate the list of Australia’s largest trees – and why these majestic giants are under threat
Why the Australia-India relationship has nowhere to go but up, despite differences on Russia and trade
‘Why would you go to uni?’ A new study looks at what young Australians do after school
The wild weather of La Niña could wipe out vast stretches of Australia’s beaches and sand dunes
Wildlife recovery spending after Australia’s last megafires was one-thirteenth the $2.7 billion needed
Will Australia’s new climate policy be enough to reset relations with Pacific nations?
Will Sean Turnell's jail term in Myanmar force Australia into action on a country at war with its own people?
Will the Myanmar executions force Australia to act decisively at last?
Wind and solar supply two thirds of South Australia grid in week it was cut off from NEM
Women are turning the tide on climate policy worldwide, and may launch a new era for Australia
The world doesn’t care about swings in marginal seats. Climate action must spearhead a new Australian foreign policy
World EV road trip reveals an Australian market in the slow lane
World's first 'sand battery' can store heat at 500C for months at a time. Could it work in Australia?
You can say you wish King Charles would die, but you can’t urinate on your back tyre: 8 common myths about Australian law
Young women’s memoirs of migration, dispossession and Australian ‘unbelonging’ demand to be heard
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