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Glass Wings Services

We provide transmedia development for film and television. We also provide multimedia marketing and design services to all sorts of businesses. Let us help you be seen.

Melbourne Peace One(sie) Day

Celebrate what you do want! In honour of the UN International Day of Peace we are having a peace walk in the city Sunday 21 September. Come join us!

WizAz: Magic Rocks!

Harry Potter style Australian wizards Liam and Xander form indie rock band WizAz! A night of singing, dancing, and...Godzilla!

Glass Wings Blog

Find out what we're talking about and join in the fun.

Bildungorama in 3D!

Katherine's thoughts about comedy, reviews about comedy, and gig announcements.

Holding 4th

Essays about life, the universe, and everything.

Sequential Squiggles

A selection of fine comic art updated regularly.

Glass Wings Productions

Some of our past theatrical and film comedy productions.

Time Titties

Three women, the most powerful technology on the planet, and a mission—to party down across time and space. This is our pitch promo reel for a new television series.


Doctoral exegesis on the issues concerning the creation of digitally based stories, such as for computer games, hypernovels, and transmedia.


Stories, essays, art, recipes, jokes, etc from the early days of Glass Wings.

Our 20th Birthday Party!

This year Glass Wings celebrates twenty years on the Web and twenty years of serving fine arts and literature. Katherine Phelps, author of Surf's Up: Internet Australian Style (Reed Books), and Andrew Pam, chief scientist on Project Xanadu, are the founders of this electronic publication. We will be celebrating at Writers Victoria in The Wheeler Centre with food, drinks, literary readings, and talks about the past and future of electronic publishing.

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