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5 xenophobic myths about immigrants in South Africa debunked by researchers
54% of projects extracting clean energy minerals overlap with Indigenous lands, research reveals
A kung-fu kick led researchers to the world’s oldest complete fish fossils – here’s what they found
A U.S. judge lectures the government on how academic research works
Age that kids acquire mobile phones not linked to well-being, says Stanford Medicine study
Air Pollution Isn't Only Bad For Lungs, Say Studies. It's Also Bad For Mental Health
Amy’s Kitchen, a case-study in the problems with consumerism
Animals bred in captivity develop physical changes that may hinder survival in the wild, research finds
Another school has banned mobile phones but research shows bans don’t stop bullying or improve student grades
Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the world – new research
Australia just flew its own ‘vomit comet’. It’s a big deal for zero-gravity space research
Australia wants a space industry. So why won’t we pay for the basic research to drive it?
Australian governments have kept much of their COVID research and modelling secret. Why?
Back from the brink: how genome research is helping the recovery of the Chatham Island black robin
Backyard hens’ eggs contain 40 times more lead on average than shop eggs, research finds
Birds migrate along ancient routes – here are the latest high-tech tools scientists are using to study their amazing journeys
Breaking bones in childhood more than doubles the odds of it happening again as an adult, study finds
Brown bear population in Pyrenees highest for a century, says study
Catching COVID may increase chances of developing an autoimmune disease, study says
Cats Remember Each Other's Names, Japanese Study Suggests
Cigarette advertising aggressively targets kids in low- and middle-income countries, a new study finds
Climate change is threatening Madagascar’s famous forests – our study shows how serious it is
Climate change triggering global collapse in insect numbers: stressed farmland shows 63% decline – new research
Climate crisis will bring more and worse tropical cyclones to Australia’s east coast, study predicts
Conflict in the South China Sea threatens 90% of Australia’s fuel imports: study
Covid study finds millions have long-term smell or taste problems
Covid vaccines saved 20 million lives in first year: study
Debate Continues Over What To Do About The Fact That Starlink, Other Low-Earth-Orbit Satellite Systems Are Causing Irreversible, Research-Harming Light Pollution
Depression is probably not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain – new study
Digital storytelling can be a powerful tool for water researchers
Digitized Cookbooks on the Getty Research Portal for your Holiday Feasting
Disease-causing parasites can hitch a ride on plastics and potentially spread through the sea, new research suggests
Echidnas blow snot bubbles and perform belly flops to stay cool in the heat, researchers find
Elon Musk is wrong: research shows content rules on Twitter help preserve free speech from bots and other manipulation
Elon Musk’s ‘hardcore’ management style: a case study in what not to do
Emissions divide now greater within countries than between them – study
‘Everything has gone’: a world-first study looks at what happens when MPs lose their seats
Exposure to humorous memes about anti-vaxxers boosts intention to get a COVID-19 vaccine, study finds
‘Extinction crisis’ of sharks and rays to have devastating effect on other species, study finds
Farmed salmon or chicken? Environmental footprint research can guide eco-conscious consumers
Finnish researchers win award for carbon-negative precast concrete
'Firmageddon': Researchers find 1.1 million acres of dead trees in Oregon
Food, feed and fuel: global seaweed industry could reduce land needed for farming by 110m hectares, study finds
From wolf to chihuahua: new research reveals where the dingo sits on the evolutionary timeline of dogs
Global heating is turning white Alps green, study finds
Global heating to drive stronger La Niña and El Niño events by 2030, researchers say
Global pollinator losses causing 500,000 early deaths a year – study
Grim Study Shows 10 Years of 'Carbon Offsets' in California Had No Climate Benefit
Groundbreaking studies of Earth’s churning oceans recognised at Australia’s most prestigious science prizes this year
How the world's loneliest tree is helping scientists advance climate change research
Huge News: Biden Administration Announces All Publicly Funded Research Should Be Available For Free To The Public
I research mass shootings, but I never believed one would happen in my own condo in Vaughan, Ont.
Ice Sheet Collapse at Both Poles to Start Sooner Than Expected, Study Warns
‘Impulsive psychopaths like crypto’: research shows how ‘dark’ personality traits affect Bitcoin enthusiasm
Increased e-buses in Delhi could reduce pollution-related mortality, morbidity: study
'It spares no one': New study reveals frightening Covid side-effect
‘It’s greenwash’: most home compostable plastics don’t work, says study
‘Let’s rip it off her head’: new research shows Islamophobia continues at disturbing levels in Australia
‘Like Finding a Unicorn’: Researchers Rediscover the Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon, a Bird Lost to Science for 140 Years
Limits to Growth at 50: the groundbreaking study that failed to change the world
Liz Truss is now a case study in poor leadership
Male artists dominate galleries. Our research explored if it’s because ‘women don’t paint very well’ – or just discrimination
Many forests will become highly flammable for at least 30 extra days per year unless we cut emissions, research finds
Many people are still shielding from COVID – and our research suggests their mental health is getting worse
Marine conservation effort in U.S. Virgin Islands aids key fish species, research finds
Microplastics are common in homes across 29 countries. New research shows who’s most at risk
Moscow's Invasion Of Ukraine Triggers 'Soul-Searching' At Western Universities As Scholars Rethink Russian Studies
Most teens who start puberty suppression continue gender-affirming care, study finds
Multiple New Studies Again Suggest The Internet Is Not Creating An ‘Infodemic’; Cable News, On The Other Hand…
New boosters add limited protection against Covid-19 illness, first real-world study shows
New research shows planting trees and shrubs brings woodland birds back to farms, from superb fairy wrens to spotted pardalotes
New studies find millions of young nonbinary and transgender Americans
New study seeks to explain the ‘Mandela Effect’ – the bizarre phenomenon of shared false memories
New Study Shows That High R&D Costs Don’t Explain High Drug Prices
No wonder no one wants to be a teacher: world-first study looks at 65,000 news articles about Australian teachers
Nobel prizes most often go to researchers who defy specialization – winners are creative thinkers who synthesize innovations from varied fields and even hobbies
Not cool: push for insulation in all Australian rental homes as study shows dangerous heat levels
Our Solar System is filled with asteroids that are particularly hard to destroy, new study finds
Pandemic greed killed more than 1 million people globally, study says
People are shivering in cold and mouldy homes in a country that pioneered housing comfort research – how did that happen?
People don’t mate randomly – but the flawed assumption that they do is an essential part of many studies linking genes to diseases and traits
Polarising, sensational media coverage of transgender athletes should end – our research shows a way forward
Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to ‘forever chemicals’, study finds
Reindeer eyes change color, putting Rudolph’s red nose in the shade – new research podcast
Research Finds Big Oil’s Trade Group Allies Outspent Clean Energy By A Whopping 27x
Research finds dogs are more relaxed in electric vehicles (EVs)
Research reveals fire is pushing 88% of Australia’s threatened land mammals closer to extinction
Researchers Again Show How Major VPNs Quietly Undermine User Security
Researchers are studying long COVID in kids -- here's what they know so far
Researchers discover elephant extinction could have major impact on atmospheric carbon levels
Researchers make a solid-state EV battery breakthrough
Researchers trained an AI model to ‘think’ like a baby, and it suddenly excelled
Rising temperatures in tropics to lead to lower coffee yields and higher prices, study suggests
Russian War Is Actually Reducing Fossil Fuel Use, Study Says
Saving the Great Barrier Reef: these recent research breakthroughs give us renewed hope for its survival
Shut down fossil fuel production sites early to avoid climate chaos, says study
Small step for Nature, giant leap across the gender gap: leading journal will make sex and gender reporting mandatory in research
Social cohesion under strain as equality, climate and inflation woes heighten Australians’ fears, research finds
Study finds famous Australian caves are up to 500,000 years older than we thought - and it could help explain a megafauna mystery
Study Reveals an Unexpected Side Effect of Traffic Safety Messages
System to protect Australia’s threatened species from development ‘more or less worthless’, study finds
Thawing Permafrost In Sweden Releases Less Methane Than Feared, Study Finds
There Are Two Types of Narcissist, And The Difference Is Crucial, Research Shows
Troubling new research shows warm waters rushing towards the world’s biggest ice sheet in Antarctica
Twitter lifted its ban on COVID misinformation – research shows this is a grave risk to public health
Two thirds of Australian authors are women – new research finds they earn just $18,200 a year from their writing
'Unseen Empire' turns a huge wildlife camera trap study into a game
The US And EU Have Unsustainably Plundered Natural Resources For Decades, Study Shows
US Atlantic coast now a breeding ground for supercharged hurricanes – study
The US has ruled all taxpayer-funded research must be free to read. What’s the benefit of open access?
US transition to electric vehicles would save over 100,000 lives by 2050 – study
Vaccine resistance has its roots in negative childhood experiences, a major study finds
Vast New Study Shows a Key to Reducing Poverty: More Friendships Between Rich and Poor
Virtually all children infected with COVID-19 show signs of blood vessel damage, study shows
Vitamin B3, niacinamide and reducing skin cancer risk: what does the research say?
Volunteers Needed for Research. Must Like Talking About Your Cat
We know heatwaves kill animals. But new research shows the survivors don’t get off scot-free
Wearing shoes in the house is just plain gross. The verdict from scientists who study indoor contaminants
Where’s the herd immunity? Our research shows why Covid is still wreaking havoc
White, female, and high rates of mental illness: new diversity research offers a snapshot of the publishing industry
Why cleaning the invisible in restaurants is important during COVID-19: A case study of indoor air quality of an open-kitchen restaurant
Why I’m righting the wrongs of my early research and sharing my scientific data with local communities
‘Why would you go to uni?’ A new study looks at what young Australians do after school
Women are 50–75% more likely to have adverse drug reactions. A new mouse study finally helps explain why
World on brink of five ‘disastrous’ climate tipping points, study finds
The world’s affluent must start eating local food to tackle the climate crisis, new research shows
Young cold-blooded animals are suffering the most as Earth heats up, research finds
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