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A cosmic time machine: how the James Webb Space Telescope lets us see the first galaxies in the universe
A neighbourhood ‘war zone’ and a garden-gate overdose sparked Judy Ryan’s fight for Victoria’s first safe injecting room
‘A stench of tokenism’: how environmental reforms ignore First Nations knowledge
A Year Ago Today Was the First Time Russia Threatened To Kill Me
ACT releases Australian-first draft law to protect intersex children from irreversible medical harm
An all-electric passenger plane completed its first test flight
At least 17 million people in the WHO European Region experienced long COVID in the first two years of the pandemic; millions may have to live with it for years to come
Attention managers: if you expect First Nations’ staff to do all your ‘Indigenous stuff’, this isn’t support – it’s racism
Australia’s first electric prime mover fleet unveiled, with swap and go batteries
Australia’s first female journalists reported on wars and human rights around the world – but many died in obscurity
Australia’s Upcycled Skyscraper is The First of its Kind
Bill Liao: My First Ever Nerve Wracking Stand Up
Bin so long: Adelaide woman puts rubbish out for first time in two years after epic effort to cut waste
BP unveils its first fast-charging station in Australia
Brazil will have first Indigenous woman chief for key post
British Columbia First Nations Strike Landmark Deals Governing Development on Their Ancestral Lands
CAKE's Sinje Gottwald completes the first unassisted African continent crossing on an electric motorcycle
California passes first sweeping US law to reduce single-use plastic
Chile couples' joy as first same-sex marriages held
Chinese monks get electricity for the first time, thanks to solar
Chinese Monks Get Electricity for the First Time Thanks to Solar
Colombia is first in Western Hemisphere to protect 30% of ocean
Congo creates first Marine Protected Areas
Covid vaccines saved 20 million lives in first year: study
Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year
The criminal legal system does not deliver justice for First Nations people, says a new book
David Bowie and the birth of environmentalism: 50 years on, how Ziggy Stardust and the first UN climate summit changed our vision of the future
David Revoy (Comic Artist): “At First, Publishing Under a Free License Scared Me”
‘Discriminatory impact on First Nations people’: coroner calls for urgent bail reform in Veronica Nelson inquest
Diébédo Francis Kéré: how first Black winner of architecture’s top prize is committed to building ‘peaceful cities’
Dos Rios Ranch, California's first new state park in 13 years, is just outside of the Bay Area
Endangered red wolf pups are born in the wild for the first time in years
Evanston, Illinois Is the First City to Offer Reparations to Black Residents
‘Everything has gone’: a world-first study looks at what happens when MPs lose their seats
Exclusive: Brazil launches first anti-deforestation raids under Lula bid to protect Amazon
Finally bold and imaginative: the first major redesign of the National Museum of Australia is a triumph
First 100,000 KG Removed From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
First all-new, electric commuter airplane takes flight at Moses Lake
The first Australian First Nations anthology of speculative fiction is playful, bitter, loud and proud
The first baby bison has been born in UK ‘rewilding’ program
First Came 'Furries' In Schools. Now There Are 'Fuzzies,' Says Grown Adult GOP US Senate Candidate
The First Country in The World Has Given Legal Rights to Individual Wild Animals
First Nation declares protected area in northern B.C.'s Taku River watershed
First Peoples in Victoria have a right to the truth about the impact of colonisation
The first photograph of the entire globe: 50 years on, Blue Marble still inspires
First the floods, then the diseases – why NZ should brace for outbreaks of spillover infections from animals
First wearable heart ultrasound is powered by an AI brain
For Australia to lead the way on green hydrogen, first we must find enough water
Four health-conscious cities putting pedestrians first
France becomes first European country to ban fossil fuel ads - but does the new law go far enough?
Ghost islands of the Arctic: The world’s ‘northern-most island’ isn’t the first to be erased from the map
Har Gobind Khorana: The chemist who cracked DNA’s code and made the first artificial gene was born into poverty 100 years ago in an Indian village
Harry & Meghan – what the first episodes reveal about Meghan’s reputation within the royal family
The High Court of Australia has a majority of women justices for the first time. Here’s why that matters
How America’s First ‘Heat Officers’ Are Cooling Miami and Los Angeles
How the world's first electric Porsche ended up in Melbourne via Pennsylvania
In a first, U.S. appoints a diplomat for plants and animals
In a world first, NASA’s DART mission is about to smash into an asteroid. What will we learn?
India's first openly gay prince endured years of torturous conversion therapy. Now, he's fighting to make the practice illegal.
‘Kafkaesque’ true stories of ordinary people: inside the first days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China
Kenyan Court First To Tell Meta It Can’t Walk Away From A Lawsuit Just By Claiming It’s Not From Around Here
Magnus Hirschfeld Founded the First Transgender Clinic
Maryland Wants to Be the First US State to Adopt a 4-Day Work Week
Melbourne has entered its first COVID winter without lockdowns. How will it turn out?
More than one million African children protected by first malaria vaccine
Music, literature and First Nations at the forefront of a $300m boost to the arts, Labor to announce
NASA: First launch from commercial space centre outside of US takes off from Australia
Nepal’s first bird sanctuary takes flight, raising hope for conservation
New Belconnen apartment block to add EV charger to every car space in Canberra-first
New boosters add limited protection against Covid-19 illness, first real-world study shows
No wonder no one wants to be a teacher: world-first study looks at 65,000 news articles about Australian teachers
On eve of first launch, Relativity Space seeks to join SpaceX as “disruptor”
Paddy Compass Namadbara: for the first time, we can name an artist who created bark paintings in Arnhem Land in the 1910s
Palau's world-first 'good traveller' incentive
Past policies have created barriers to voting in remote First Nations communities
Photographer Documents the Magical Moments When Indigenous Peruvians Visited Machu Picchu for the First Time [Interview]
Raising the age of criminal responsibility is only a first step. First Nations kids need cultural solutions
Rare rhinos dodge poachers in world's top reserve for first time since 1977
The rush to renewable energy means a new mining boom. But first, Australia needs to make some tough choices
Scotland Is Poised to Become the World’s First “Rewilding Nation”
Seastock completes first harvest of methane-reducing seaweed asparagopsis in Western Australia
‘Secretive, adorable weirdos’: rare possum caught in the Northern Territory for first time
Sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers in DRC: fatherless children speak for first time about the pain of being abandoned
She’s Supposed to Protect Americans From Toxic Chemicals. First, She Just Has to Fix Trump’s Mess and Decades of Neglect.
Slovenia becomes first post-communist country to legalise same-sex marriage and adoption
South Korea court recognises same-sex couple rights for first time
‘Strange World’ Is Disney’s First Animated Movie With a Gay Lead. Why Is It Being Buried?
Supernovas, auroral sounds and hungry tides: unpacking First Nations knowledge of the skies
Swinomish Tribe builds U.S.’s first modern ‘clam garden,' reviving ancient practice
Tanya Plibersek killed off Clive Palmer’s coal mine. It’s an Australian first – but it may never happen again
Terra nullius has been overturned. Now we must reverse aqua nullius and return water rights to First Nations people
Think private renting is hard? First Nations people can be excluded from the start
Thinking of having a baby as the planet collapses? First, ask yourself 5 big ethical questions
Two experts break down the James Webb Space Telescope’s first images, and explain what we’ve already learnt
The UK just hit 40℃ for the first time. It’s a stark reminder of the deadly heat awaiting Australia
U.S.D.A. Approves First Vaccine for Honeybees
We created the world’s first donkey embryo using IVF in a bid to save species from extinction
‘Wellbeing’. It’s why Labor’s first budget will have more rigour than any before it
We’re starting a new band called Magaziine, and this is our first song
Where are all the ants? World-first ‘treasure map’ reveals hotspots for rare species
WHO Director-General congratulates Togo on becoming first country to eliminate four neglected tropical diseases
Why a First Nations Voice should come before Treaty
‘Why can’t anyone make a decision?’ My first time as a D&D Dungeon Master
Why Elon Musk’s first week as Twitter owner has users flocking elsewhere
‘Willow’ Series Gets November Premiere Date, Teaser Trailer, First-Look Photos From Disney+
The world finally has its first ‘parastronaut’. Can we expect anyone to be able to go to space one day?
World-first flexible export limits are coming to rooftop solar. Here's how they work
World's First Classical Chinese Programming Language
The World's FIRST Commercial Electric Plane - Robert takes to the skies!
The world's first hydrogen-powered passenger trains are here
World's first 'sand battery' can store heat at 500C for months at a time. Could it work in Australia?
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