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4 ways the world messed up its pandemic response — and 3 fixes to do better next time
5 virus families that could cause the next pandemic, according to the experts
8 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Long COVID
A condition called POTS rose after covid, but patients can’t find care
A doctor’s humbling journey treating long Covid: ‘The second we think we know what we are doing, we fall flat on our face’
A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat
Abled-Bodied Leftists Cannot Abandon Disabled Solidarity to “Move On” From COVID
Advantages and challenges of anti-Covid nasal vaccination: the promises of a French approach
After 3 years of Covid, CNN went into rural China for Lunar New Year. Here’s what we found and how officials tried stopping us
Analysis: EU’s CO2 emissions fall 5% in three months after post-Covid surge
Antimicrobial Resistance Is Growing because of COVID
The arts helped us through the pandemic – NZ’s budget should radically rethink how and why they’re funded
The astounding impact and reach of long Covid, in numbers and charts
At least 17 million people in the WHO European Region experienced long COVID in the first two years of the pandemic; millions may have to live with it for years to come
Atagi expected to update advice on fifth dose of Covid vaccine within weeks
Australia is heading for its third Omicron wave. Here’s what to expect from BA.4 and BA.5
Australia risks relying on Pfizer and Moderna for its COVID vaccines. 3 ways to break free
Australia surpasses 10,000 Covid deaths as authorities warn of another wave of infections
Australian governments have kept much of their COVID research and modelling secret. Why?
Australians warned of 'another COVID wave' as sub-variants take hold
Australia’s Covid hospital admissions at highest level since summer
Autumn COVID variants look shockingly similar and powerful for these 2 reasons
Being stressed out before you get COVID increases your chances of long COVID. Here’s why
Better COVID vaccines are on the way. What do they do? And what technology might we see in future?
Biden Hands the Covid Response to the Private Market, Endangering Us All
Big COVID-19 waves may be coming, new Omicron strains suggest
Billionaires at Davos don't think COVID is a cold
Cables: A Pandemic Love Story
Calls to expand fifth COVID vaccine rollout as ATAGI considers guidelines
Can sniffer dogs really detect COVID almost as well as a PCR test? Turns out they can
Can ‘voluntourism’ outgrow the white saviour stereotype and make a positive change post-pandemic?
Cases are high and winter is coming. We need to stop ignoring COVID
Catching COVID may increase chances of developing an autoimmune disease, study says
‘Chaos’: Australian doctors call for renewed focus on Covid-19 as winter sets in
Chaotic scenes in southern Chinese city as Covid curbs fuel unrest
Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly downplayed long COVID while justifying end of isolation requirements, medical specialist says
China could face a catastrophic COVID surge as it lifts restrictions – here’s how it might play out
China’s COVID cases may have hit 900 million. What’s headed our way?
China’s COVID crisis and the dilemma facing its leaders, by experts who have monitored it since the Wuhan outbreak
China's Covid Testing Booths Get Second Life as Libraries and Food Stalls
Chinese protests are about more than COVID – student discontent has fuelled the biggest movement since Tiananmen Square
Cleaning Up Pollution Could Help Prevent The Next 'Silent Pandemic'
The Coming COVID Brain Wreck?
The costly lesson from COVID: why elimination should be the default global strategy for future pandemics
Covid backlash hobbles public health and future pandemic response
COVID changed travel writing. Maybe that’s not a bad thing
COVID complications push Australian deaths to highest numbers in 40 years
COVID deaths are now barely mentioned in the media. That changes the very nature of grief
Covid disrupts Melbourne comedy festival as calls grow for arts support
COVID exploits our year of living dangerously
COVID hasn’t taught the world how to beat the next deadly virus
COVID is a ‘smart virus’ that can affect DNA – but that doesn’t mean you can pass it on to your kids
‘Covid is not going to go away’: Australia will require public health measures for foreseeable future, say experts
Covid linked to 33-fold increase in risk of potentially fatal blood clot
COVID nasal sprays may one day prevent and treat infection. Here’s where the science is up to
COVID remains a global emergency, the World Health Organization says, but we’re at a transition point. What does this mean?
Covid study finds millions have long-term smell or taste problems
Covid vaccines saved 20 million lives in first year: study
COVID ‘variant soup’ is making winter surges hard to predict
Covid was vanishing last Memorial Day. Cases are five times higher now.
COVID: what we know about new omicron variant BF.7
Covid-19: Australia’s future policies will be evidence led after “profound impact” of latest wave, says minister
Covid-19 case numbers exploding across Australia as fourth wave takes off
COVID-19 Fueled Record-Breaking Investments in Global Health
COVID-19 infections in Australia hit worldwide highs — and experts predict another Omicron variant spike is coming
COVID-19 reinfections on the rise across Australia as experts warn Omicron 'has tricks up its sleeve'
Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year
Covid-19's full death toll is nearly three times higher than reported, WHO data suggests
Covid’s toll in the U.S. reaches a once unfathomable number: 1 million deaths
Cruise ships are back and carrying COVID. No, it’s not 2020. But here’s what needs to happen next
Cutting COVID isolation and mask mandates will mean more damage to business and health in the long run
Desperate festivals sector pleads for weather insurance, as $22m Covid fund proves redundant
Did the Morrison government really prevent 40,000 COVID deaths? A health economist checks claims against facts
Do we care enough about COVID?
Doing away with COVID isolation rules means increased isolation and risks for people with disability
Eight in 10 people in China caught Covid since early December, say officials
Even mild COVID raises the chance of heart attack and stroke. What to know about the risks ahead
Even vaccinated people can get long COVID
Explainer: why are Covid infection rates in Australia so high compared with other countries?
Exposure to humorous memes about anti-vaxxers boosts intention to get a COVID-19 vaccine, study finds
The facts about COVID in Australia
Few Australians have the right to work from home, even after COVID. Here’s how that could change
The Final Pandemic Betrayal
Five COVID Numbers That Don’t Make Sense Anymore
Flu may be back, but COVID is far from over. How do they compare?
From Centaurus to XBB: your handy guide to the latest COVID subvariants (and why some are more worrying than others)
From microbes to forest bathing, here are 4 ways healing nature is vital to our recovery from COVID-19
The Future of Long COVID
G20 scientists urge pandemic preparedness and climate action: 4 steps countries can take following Bali summit
The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid
German Virologist Christian Drosten on the Ongoing Battle Against COVID
Gonorrhea became more drug resistant while attention was on COVID-19 – a molecular biologist explains the sexually transmitted superbug
Grattan on Friday: Albanese needs to step up (and mask up) to help create a new mindset to meet the COVID crisis
Habitual mask-wearing is likely helping Japan, Singapore and South Korea bring daily Omicron deaths down, epidemiologists say
Half a million Australians could soon be experiencing long COVID. So what do we know, and what support is available?
Happier Employees, Higher Profits: Covid’s Surprising Lesson for Restaurants
Haven’t had COVID or a vaccine dose in the past six months? Consider getting a booster
Health experts say COVID-19 complacency has restricted freedoms of the immunocompromised and elderly
Here's 150+ Sources on Covid to Share with Everyone You Know
Here’s another type of COVID test to get your head around. But is this new home kit worth the cost?
Here's How The Next 5 Years Might Look: Scientists Outline 3 Likely Pandemic Outcomes
Here’s who decides cause of death, how death certificates work – and whether a person died with or of COVID
Homeless numbers have jumped since COVID housing efforts ended – and the problem is spreading beyond the big cities
‘Host-directed therapy’ could treat infectious diseases – including COVID – and limit drug-resistance
How are Australians feeling after more than two years of Covid? Exhausted, mostly
How common are severe side effects from COVID vaccines? And how are they detected?
How COVID lockdowns triggered changes in peregrine falcon diets – and what this means for urban pest control
How do pandemics begin? There's a new theory — and a new strategy to thwart them
How has COVID affected Australians’ health? New report shows where we’ve failed and done well
How should an Australian ‘centre for disease control’ prepare us for the next pandemic?
How should we manage COVID without rules? Keep testing and stay home when positive
How this Brazilian doc got nearly every person in her city to take a COVID vaccine
Human rights declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, in countries from Angola to the US to New Zealand
I was an athlete – now I’m 30 and in a wheelchair thanks to long Covid
‘I was wrong’: how Covid conspiracies became a gateway to extreme views
If you think scrapping COVID isolation periods will get us back to work and past the pandemic, think again
If You’ve Had Covid, Watch Out for Stroke Symptoms
‘I’m Dropping My COVID Hubris,’ Vows a Top Immunologist
Imagining COVID is ‘like the flu’ is cutting thousands of lives short. It’s time to wake up
In Mexico City, the pandemic revived Aztec-era island farms
Indoor air is full of flu and COVID viruses. Will countries clean it up?
The inside story of Recovery: how the world’s largest COVID-19 trial transformed treatment – and what it could do for other diseases
Intellectual property waiver for COVID vaccines should be expanded to include treatments and tests
International task force finds COVID-19 origins 'most likely zoonotic' and warns of a failure to reduce animal-to-human transmission
'It spares no one': New study reveals frightening Covid side-effect
‘It was all for nothing’: Chinese count cost of Xi’s snap decision to let Covid rip
It’s been 3 years since COVID entered New Zealand – here are 3 ways to improve our response
I’ve had COVID and am constantly getting colds. Did COVID harm my immune system? Am I now at risk of other infectious diseases?
‘Kafkaesque’ true stories of ordinary people: inside the first days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China
The ‘kraken’ COVID variant XBB.1.5 is rising quickly in the US – here’s what it could mean for the UK
Like COVID, TB is a pandemic and must be treated as an emergency
Long COVID affects 1 in 5 people following infection. Vaccination, masks and better indoor air are our best protections
Long Covid clinic wait times blow out to five months as Australia’s health experts call for national approach
Long Covid Costs Australia Economy $3.6 Billion a Year: Report
Long Covid disabled them. Then they met a ‘broken’ Social Security disability process
Long Covid experts most worried about younger demographic
Long COVID Has Forced a Reckoning for One of Medicine’s Most Neglected Diseases
Long COVID Has Never Been Taken Seriously. Here’s Where It Left Us
Long COVID: how lost connections between nerve cells in the brain may explain cognitive symptoms
Long COVID may be an autoimmune disease
Long Covid may be ‘the next public health disaster’ — with a $3.7 trillion economic impact rivaling the Great Recession
Long COVID should make us rethink disability – and the way we offer support to those with ‘invisible conditions’
Long-COVID sufferers unable to access disability payments say they need more support
The magic of touch: how deafblind people taught us to ‘see’ the world differently during COVID
Many people are still shielding from COVID – and our research suggests their mental health is getting worse
Masks are ‘strongly suggested’ by health authorities as the winter COVID wave hits. Here’s how effective they are
Masks for COVID: Updating the evidence
Measles cases surge nearly 80% in wake of Covid chaos, with fears other diseases could follow
Medium COVID Could Be the Most Dangerous COVID
Melbourne has entered its first COVID winter without lockdowns. How will it turn out?
Millions of Australians still haven’t had their COVID boosters. What message could convince them now?
More proof COVID is a multi-system cluster bomb
More than 50 long-term effects of COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
‘Most have thrown their hands up’: has the US forgotten about Covid?
Multidimensional poverty slumped in Nepal before Covid-19, global report says
Nat Paull made the tough call to close her bakery after pandemic burnout — and then her customers turned on her
Nearly 8 million kids lost a parent or primary caregiver to the pandemic
New ad urges us to ‘take on winter’ by getting COVID and flu vaccines. But it misses some key things
New boosters add limited protection against Covid-19 illness, first real-world study shows
New clinic to provide COVID-19 prevention treatment for immunocompromised patients
The New COVID Subvariant BA.4.6 Is Spreading. Here's What We Know
New Covid variants are circulating. What do we know and will the Omicron-specific booster be effective?
New Covid-19 wave to hit NSW within weeks, chief health officer says
New Zealand’s new cut-down COVID response is a missed opportunity – here are 5 ways to improve it
The Nightmare COVID Variant That Beats Our Immunity Is Finally Here
Nobel-nominated vaccine expert warns of Covid complacency: ‘We’re still losing too many lives’
Not Fit For Purpose: Libraries Explain How Copyright Failed Libraries During The Pandemic
Not just a joke: we scoured TikTok for anti-Asian humour during the pandemic, and found too many disappointing memes
Omicron-specific vaccines may give slightly better COVID protection – but getting boosted promptly is the best bet
One Health: why we need to combine disease surveillance and climate modelling to preempt future pandemics
One of Long COVID’s Worst Symptoms Is Also Its Most Misunderstood
Our health system is like a ‘worn pair of shorts’. This latest COVID wave will stretch it even thinner
Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection
Owning the Sun: A People’s History of Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to Covid-19 Vaccines | Alexander Zaitchik
Pandemic greed killed more than 1 million people globally, study says
Pandemic Nihilism, Social Murder, and the Banality of Evil
Pandemic pain remains as Australia’s economic recovery leaves the poor behind
The pandemic’s disproportionate impact on women is derailing decades of progress on gender equality
The Pandemic’s Legacy Is Already Clear
Parliamentary inquiry hears of impacts of long Covid
Paxlovid ‘last drug in the cupboard’ for Covid as variants in Australia evade other treatments
Politics with Michelle Grattan: Professor Joseph Ibrahim on COVID in aged care – and the end of nursing homes
Press Release: Long COVID Awareness Day Campaign
Prompt and accurate information is vital in a pandemic – the climate and biodiversity crises demand the same urgency
Protests against strict COVID-zero policy are sweeping China. It’s anyone’s guess what happens now
Quick and stealthy ‘Scrabble variants’ are poised to drive a winter Covid-19 surge
Reducing COVID transmission by 20% could save 2,000 Australian lives this year
Reinfection will be part of the pandemic for months to come. Each repeat illness raises the risk of long COVID
Repeat COVID-19 infections increase risk of organ failure, death
Researchers are studying long COVID in kids -- here's what they know so far
Rethinking COVID hegemony
Science has answers to why conservatives fall so easily for COVID-19 and Russian propaganda
Shovel-ready but not shovel-worthy: how COVID-19 infrastructure projects missed the opportunity to transform the way we live
Signs of autoimmune disease, difficulty exercising noted 1 year after COVID
Similar long-COVID symptoms noted after Omicron, Delta
Six common COVID myths busted by a virologist and a public health expert
Social media spreads rumours about COVID vaccine harms … but it doesn’t always start them
Some kids, teens have long-term lung damage after COVID-19
Sophie Cunningham’s pandemic novel admits literature can’t save us – but treasures it for trying
Spiritualism’s Shadows: On COVID-19 and false consolation
Stop tossing your spent vapes and e-cigs: you’re breeding a new waste pandemic
Ten COVID Facts Health Officials Dangerously Downplay
Theater never recovered from COVID — and now change is no longer a choice
There are still good reasons to avoid catching COVID again – for one, your risk of long COVID goes up each time
‘They can’t ignore us any more’: five women on long Covid and medical misogyny
This Deadly COVID Twist Is Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before
This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on Covid.
Thousands more Australians died in 2022 than expected. COVID was behind the majority of them
Three myths about COVID-19 — and the biggest challenge that lies ahead
Three years into the pandemic, it’s clear COVID won’t fix itself. Here’s what we need to focus on next
To protect vulnerable Australians from COVID this winter, we need to pick up the pace on third doses
Tomorrow’s COVID safety guidelines will be different from today’s – but that doesn’t mean yesterday’s were wrong
Too Little, Too Late, WTO Finally Eases Patent Rights On COVID Vaccines
Triple vaccination seems to reduce the chance of long COVID – but we still need to prepare for a jump in cases
Twitter lifted its ban on COVID misinformation – research shows this is a grave risk to public health
Two years into the pandemic, why is Australia still short of medicines?
Ultraviolet light and indoor air disinfection to fight pandemics: A technology long overdue
Understanding Long Covid
The unfinished business of COVID-19 vaccination
Vaccines are no match for long Covid. Treating it is science’s next great challenge
Ventilation reduces the risk of COVID. So why are we still ignoring it?
Victoria records grim pandemic milestone with COVID deaths surpassing 4,000
Victorian COVID hospital admissions soar as Omicron sub-variants spread
VIDEO: Is the current public health strategy for dealing with COVID working?
Viral infections including COVID are among the important causes of dementia – one more reason to consider vaccination
Virtually all children infected with COVID-19 show signs of blood vessel damage, study shows
Voiceless and vulnerable, NZ’s gig workers faced more risk with fewer protections during the pandemic
Wage theft has reached pandemic proportions, so why hasn’t the Albanese government criminalised it?
We are all playing Covid roulette. Without clean air, the next infection could permanently disable you
We can learn a lot about long COVID from years of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome
We got some key things wrong about long COVID. Here are 5 things we’ve learnt
We lost the plot on COVID messaging – now governments will have to be bold to get us back on track
We measured vaccine confidence pre-pandemic and in 2022 – it’s declined considerably
We need a definitive exit from our Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s the roadmap
We need to brace for a tsunami of long COVID. But we’re not quite sure the best way to treat it
We Now Face an Army of COVID Viruses
We were on a global panel looking at the staggering costs of COVID – 17.7m deaths and counting. Here are 11 ways to stop history repeating itself
‘Weak’ political leadership putting Australians at risk of long Covid unknowns, AMA says
We’re Already Barreling Toward the Next Pandemic
We’re entering a new phase of COVID, where we each have to assess and mitigate our own risk. But how?
‘We’re playing with fire’: US Covid cases may be 30 times higher than reported
What are these ‘cancer vaccines’ I’m hearing about? And what similarities do they share with COVID vaccines?
What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions – and why now’s a good time to share again
What is spillover? Bird flu outbreak underscores need for early detection to prevent the next big pandemic
What Not to Ask Me About My Long COVID
What the White House global Covid-19 summit should've spent more time on
What to Do if You Have COVID: short version
What will Australia's fourth year of the COVID-19 pandemic look like?
Whatever happened to the new no-patent COVID vaccine touted as a global game changer?
When does COVID become long COVID? And what’s happening in the body when symptoms persist? Here’s what we’ve learnt so far
Where’s the herd immunity? Our research shows why Covid is still wreaking havoc
While Australians line up for COVID boosters, low vaccination rates in poor countries continue to cost lives
WHO head ‘very concerned’ about COVID deaths as emergency declaration call looms
Why Australia’s daily Covid cases are on the rise again
Why cleaning the invisible in restaurants is important during COVID-19: A case study of indoor air quality of an open-kitchen restaurant
Why COVID-19 gaslighting by politicians is so dangerous for democracy
Why Omicron Is About To Make Americans Act Immorally, Inappropriately
Why this is no time to ease up on efforts to contain COVID-19
With a COVID ‘variant soup’ looming, New Zealand urgently needs another round of vaccine boosters
With COVID cases still in the thousands, why are some so keen to ditch the things that kept New Zealand safe?
With COVID on the rise again, here are some simple steps to help us socialise safely during the holidays
With most mandatory public health measures gone, is New Zealand well prepared for the next COVID wave?
World Happiness Report Reveals an Inspiring Benefit That Came Out of The Pandemic
Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t
Yes, the Chinese protests are about politics and freedom. But they are also about what COVID might do if it is let loose now
You May Be Early, but You're Not Wrong: A Covid Reading List
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