Glass Wings Blog: Russia

30 years of LGBTQ+ history in Russia: from decriminalisation in 1993 to ‘extremist’ status in 2023
‘A gift to Moscow’: dismay as NYPD takes part in UAE Swat games with Chechnya and Belarus
A growing number of LGBTQ+ Russians seek refuge from war, discrimination in Argentina
‘A lot higher than we expected’: Russian arms production worries Europe’s war planners
A Ukrainian fencer scorned a Russian's handshake, challenging the sport's traditions
Alexei Navalny had a vision of a democratic Russia. That terrified Vladimir Putin to the core
Alexei Navalny: reported death of Putin’s most prominent opponent spells the end of politics in Russia
As Russia woos nations to support its war in Ukraine, will fault lines deepen around the globe?
Australia can no longer afford to ignore Russia’s expanding naval power in the Pacific
China's green leap forward is a nightmare for Saudi Arabia and Russia
Coolant Leak on ISS Raises Concerns Over Russian Space Program
Cyberwarfare leaks show Russian army is adopting mindset of secret police
Despite the war, Russia is still part of Europe – for a lasting peace both sides need to remember that
Drone strikes hit Moscow and Kyiv – in the growing world of drone warfare, anything goes when it comes to international law
Elon Musk personally thwarted a Ukrainian attack and saved the Russian Navy
EU imports of Russian liquified gas leap by 40% since Ukraine invasion
Exclusive: Putin's plans to keep the Baltics in check
Halliburton equipment worth $7.1m imported into Russia in past year, customs records show
How Russian disinformation toppled government after government in Africa
How Ukraine’s Power Grid Survived So Many Russian Bombings
‘I’m in shock:’ Russia’s mass attack on Kyiv shatters lives and dreams
International Criminal Court has cited Russia’s deportation of Ukrainian children a war crime: on Russia’s long history of weaponising deportation
Is Russia looking to put nukes in space? Doing so would undermine global stability and ignite an anti-satellite arms race
Kharkiv mayor dismisses Russian claims of ‘terrorism’ over Crimean bridge attack
Kremlin confirms Putin meeting as Kim reportedly boards armoured train
Moldova is trying to join the EU, but it will have a hard time breaking away from Russia’s orbit
More corrupt, fractured and ostracised: how Vladimir Putin has changed Russia in over two decades on top
Navalny dies in prison − but his blueprint for anti-Putin activism will live on
Navalny’s mother shown body and ‘blackmailed by authorities’ over funeral
Niger and Russia are forming military ties: 3 ways this could upset old allies
‘No, that’s fascism’: the librarian who defied Russia’s purge of LGBTQ+ books
Odesa suffers ‘hellish night’ as Russia attacks Ukraine grain facilities
Photographer says Italian artist used daughter’s picture in pro-Russia mural
Police raid Moscow gay bars after a Supreme Court ruling labeled LGBTQ+ movement ‘extremist’
Prigozhin’s rockstar exit from Rostov shows public support for ‘traitor’
Putin has no successor, no living rivals and no retirement plan – why his eventual death will set off a vicious power struggle
Putin waged a trade war long before bombing Ukraine. Which side is winning?
Putin’s Forever War
Putin’s War Is Slowly Destroying Europe’s Breadbasket
Rada proposes to establish cultural, information centres of enslaved nations of Russia in Ukraine
Report: Russia has laundered $2.5 billion of African gold since February 2022
The rise of Yevgeny Prigozhin: how a one-time food caterer became Vladimir Putin’s biggest threat
Russia and Noise
Russia has declared a new space race, hoping to join forces with China. Here’s why that’s unlikely
Russia is about to hold another presidential election. It needn’t bother
Russia Is Commandeering the U.N. Cybercrime Treaty
Russia is forcing Western companies exiting its market to make a donation to the country — and it's making it harder for them to leave
Russia outlaws ‘international LGBT public movement’ as extremist
Russia planned to steal grain and starve Ukrainians ahead of invasion, evidence shows
Russia says decision not to extend Black Sea grain deal is final
Russia Uses Every Missile in Arsenal in Largest Attack Since Start of Ukraine War
Russian defector sheds light on Putin paranoia and his secret train network
Russian ‘double tap’ missile strike kills seven near hotel used by journalists
The Russian "Firehose of Falsehood" Propaganda Model
Russian minister says G20 summit a success after criticism over war blocked
Russian missile strike on Kharkiv postal centre kills six people, officials say
Russian police arrest over 100 people nationwide in crackdown on Navalny support
Russian strike on crowded Ukraine market leaves at least 17 dead
Russia’s alleged deportation of Ukrainian children has caused a UN standoff – what international law says and why it matters
Russia’s next election is likely to put Putin in power for longer than anyone since Peter the Great
Sex, Lies and Offshore Vehicles: How Russia Became the Country It Is Today
‘Some buy the propaganda. Many have changed their minds’: life in Russia after the invasion
South Africa grants Putin and Brics leaders diplomatic immunity for summit
South Africa’s pact with Russia – and its actions – cast doubt on its claims of non-alignment
Stripping Russia’s veto power on the Security Council is all but impossible. Perhaps we should expect less from the UN instead
‘This is barbarism’: shock at Russian strike on Odesa cathedral
Thousands flee homes as collapse of dam is blamed on Russian forces
Tucker Carlson interview with Putin to test EU law regulating tech companies
Ukraine and Russia traded barbs in the UN’s top court over the legality of the invasion. What could happen next in the case?
Ukraine claims it damaged prized Russian jets using 'cardboard' drones from Australia in a daring raid
‘Ukraine is unlikely ever to return to the Russian Empire’: in a new book, Mark Edele unpacks what’s at stake in a bloody war
Ukraine recap: fresh nuclear threats from Putin as France talks of western boots on the ground
Ukraine: Russia’s losses mount – but self-sacrifice in war is part of the country’s mythology
Ukraine says frozen Russian assets should be used to rebuild war-hit economy
Ukraine war: reports suggest that Russia has been deliberately targeting journalists – which is a war crime
Ukraine war: two good reasons the world should worry about Russia’s arms purchases from North Korea
Ukraine war: why the G20 refused to condemn Russian aggression – and how that might change
Ukraine's "Russian warship, go f... yourself" post stamp wins world's most prestigious award celebrating achievements in mail industry
Ukrainian Soldiers Recreate 19th Century Painting in Defiance of Russia
The unlikely species entangled in Ukraine's resistance to Russia
Unmarked graves, violent repression and cultural erasure: the devastating human toll of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
US condemns arrest of WSJ journalist as Russia accused of ‘hostage taking’
US dispatches warships after China and Russia send naval patrol near Alaska
U.S. says Russia is laying the groundwork to attack civilian ships and blame Ukraine
Victoria Amelina, killed by Russian rockets, joins a procession of Ukrainian writers whose lives were cut short by oppressors
Vladimir Putin’s gold strategy explains why sanctions against Russia have failed
‘Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics
Wagner debacle in Russia raises red flags for African states and how they manage their security
Wagner’s rebellion may have been thwarted, but Putin has never looked weaker and more vulnerable
The West can’t ‘solve’ its Russia problem. Here’s how it should handle 6 more years of Vladimir Putin
What can we expect from six more years of Vladimir Putin? An increasingly weak and dysfunctional Russia
What does Kim Jong Un stand to gain from his meeting with Vladimir Putin?
What Moscow's invasion of Ukraine has meant for Russian students studying in Australia
What next for Putin? After Navalny’s death, many fear what leader will move on to
WHO has recorded 974 attacks against health care in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion
Why Russia pulled out of its grain deal with Ukraine – and what that means for the global food system
Why Russians still support Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine
Will Ukraine be able to win over the Global South in its fight against Russian aggression?
Wives of Russian soldiers lay flowers in Moscow to protest against the Kremlin
Xi Jinping welcomes ‘dear friend’ Vladimir Putin to Beijing
Yulia Navalnaya vows to continue husband Alexei’s fight and says Putin killed him
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