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About the author and the story

The `Kolna Conflict' is part of Julie Peter's novel in progress `Elle'.

`Elle' extrapolates two of the thousands of possible futures. A society of the future divides into two groups; a central government driven by economic rationalism and a high technology green society with a devolved power structure. One person who gets to live in both societies is Elle w5JohnMorgan. Elle has a small role in the Kolna conflict.

Julie is inspired by the thought that `you write what you need to know'.

Julie is the eldest of nine children, she was born in Alexandra in rural Victoria, Australia. Her first major at university was electrical engineering but she ended up majoring in genetics and working in television as a technical producer, lighting director and director of photography. She has recently bought 180 acres (72 hectares) of unloved farming land. Her dream is to set up an arts village and forest on her land.


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