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7 ‘creepy crawlies’ you don’t need to be afraid of this spooky season
7 green technologies we need to save the world
AI Art Is Eating The World, And We Need To Discuss Its Wonders And Dangers
As more biometric data is collected in schools, parents need to ask these 10 questions
Auckland floods: even stormwater reform won’t be enough – we need a ‘sponge city’ to avoid future disasters
Australia has relied on agricultural innovation to farm our dry land. We’ll need more for the uncertain years ahead
Australia plans to be a big green hydrogen exporter to Asian markets – but they don’t need it
Australian Indigenous leaders say ‘need to be’ at climate table
Australian schools are starting to provide food, but we need to think carefully before we ‘ditch the lunchbox’
Australian women will need ‘more than 200 years’ to reach income equity with men
‘Bad and getting worse’: Labor promises law reform for Australia’s environment. Here’s what you need to know
Billionaire stoush over alleged media bias highlights the need for greater media diversity
‘Building too close to the water. It’s ridiculous!’ Talk of buyouts after floods shows need to get serious about climate adaptation
Cases are high and winter is coming. We need to stop ignoring COVID
The century of climate migration: why we need to plan for the great upheaval
Changing the Australian Constitution is not easy. But we need to stop thinking it’s impossible
Conservation efforts celebrated as 26 Australian species no longer need threatened listing
Crypto scams will increase over the holidays – here’s what you need to know to not fall victim
Dangerous selfies aren’t just foolish. We need to treat them like the public health hazard they really are
Dear Electric Vehicle Owners: You Don’t Need That Giant Battery
Deliveroo’s exit from Australia shows why gig workers need more protection
Do Your City’s Parks Need a ‘Colonial Audit’?
Does Australia need new laws to combat right-wing extremism?
The ERA Gives Us a Chance to Fix the Constitution. We Need to Take it.
Extremists use video games to recruit vulnerable youth. Here’s what parents and gamers need to know
Farm floods will hit food supplies and drive up prices. Farmers need help to adapt as weather extremes worsen
Five things you need to know about the Ottoman empire
Floods are natural, but human decisions make disasters. We need to reflect on the endless cycles of blame
Fossil fuel companies won’t save us from climate change. We need governments to step up
The G20 may be a talk fest, but it’s a talk fest we need at a time of growing division
Good news – there’s a clean energy gold rush under way. We’ll need it to tackle energy price turbulence and coal’s exodus
The Green Jobs Boom Is Benefiting the People Who Need It Most
Here’s what the major parties need to do about higher education this election
Here’s where we really need microgrids in the US
Homelessness is common for teens leaving out-of-home-care. We need to extend care until they are at least 21
How and why Australian whistleblowing laws need an overhaul: new report
‘If you win the popular imagination, you change the game’: why we need new stories on climate
In A World Where AI Art Is Cheap And Easy To Generate, Do We Still Need Copyright?
Incarcerated people with disability don’t get the support they need – that makes them more likely to reoffend
International E-Waste Day Reminds Us Devices Need to Last Longer
Iran: the hijab protests are now massive, but a revolution will need the military to change sides
It’s not just Australian students who need more food, university staff are also going hungry
Judges need better education and structures to improve impartiality: report
Labor’s plan to save threatened species is an improvement – but it’s still well short of what we need
Let’s face reality. Fossil fuel interests have destroyed the Cops – we need something new
Long-COVID sufferers unable to access disability payments say they need more support
Louisa Lim’s ‘outstanding’ portrait of a dispossessed, defiant Hong Kong is the activist journalism we need
Melbourne now has chief heat officers. Here’s why we need them and what they can do
Mozzies are everywhere right now – including giant ones and those that make us sick. Here’s what you need to know
Murray Valley encephalitis has been detected in mozzies in NSW and Victoria. Here’s what you need to know
National Sorry Day is a day to commemorate those taken. But ‘sorry’ is not enough – we need action
Need a lift? Here’s 53 easy ways to add cheer to your life as winter looms
Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption
Not everything we call AI is actually ‘artificial intelligence’. Here’s what you need to know
NSW has phased more single-use plastics: Everything you need to know about state's new ban
NZ police need better training in privacy and human rights law – here is what should happen
One Health: why we need to combine disease surveillance and climate modelling to preempt future pandemics
Online abuse against women is rife, but some women suffer more – and we need to step up for them
Peru riots: unrest in southern Andes lays bare an urgent need to decolonise
Politicians in high-vis say they love manufacturing. But if we want more Australian-made jobs, here’s what we need
Poverty isn’t a temporary experience in Australia. We need urgent policy tackling persistent disadvantage
Raising the age of criminal responsibility is only a first step. First Nations kids need cultural solutions
Scientists need help to save nature. With a smartphone and these 8 tips, we can get our kids on the case
Soil abounds with life – and supports all life above it. But Australian soils need urgent repair
Solar power can cut living costs, but it’s not an option for many people – they need better support
State of the climate: what Australians need to know about major new report
Tall timber buildings are exciting, but to shrink construction’s carbon footprint we need to focus on the less sexy ‘middle’
Tempted to buy a UV light disinfection gadget? Some can be dangerous – here’s what you need to know
Thinking of buying a battery to help power your home? Here’s what you need to know
Thousands of giant crabs amass off Australia’s coast. Scientists need your help to understand it
Three years into the pandemic, it’s clear COVID won’t fix itself. Here’s what we need to focus on next
To clean up Australia’s power grid, we’re going to need many thousands more skilled workers – and fast
To hit 82% renewables in 8 years, we need skilled workers – and labour markets are already overstretched
To protect vulnerable Australians from COVID this winter, we need to pick up the pace on third doses
Triple vaccination seems to reduce the chance of long COVID – but we still need to prepare for a jump in cases
Ukraine refugees need urgent, ongoing health care. We’ve worked in refugee camps and there’s a right way to do it
We need a definitive exit from our Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s the roadmap
We need a lot more electricians if we’re going to electrify everything
We Need a Revolution in Clean Indoor Air
We need to brace for a tsunami of long COVID. But we’re not quite sure the best way to treat it
We need to break the cycle of crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand’s arts and culture. It starts with proper funding
We need to change how antibiotics target bugs if we want them to keep working
‘We need to restore the land’: as coal mines close, here’s a community blueprint to sustain the Hunter Valley
We need to talk about monkeypox without shame and blame
We Need to Talk About Ron DeSantis’s Fascist Paradise
We Need To Talk About The Carbon Footprints Of The Rich
‘We need trees’: green vision struggles to take root in Europe’s cities
We spoke to the exhausted flood-response teams in the Hunter Valley. Here’s what they need when the next floods strike
What is spillover? Bird flu outbreak underscores need for early detection to prevent the next big pandemic
What will power the future: Elon Musk’s battery packs or Twiggy Forrest’s green hydrogen? Truth is, we’ll need both
Why do small rural communities often shun newcomers, even when they need them?
Why we all need subtitles now
The world’s carbon price is a fraction of what we need – because only a fifth of global emissions are priced
‘Would you like lunch? Can I clean out the chook house?’: what flood survivors actually need after disaster strikes
Writing for our (digital) lives: war, social media and the urgent need to update how we teach English
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