Peace One Day

In 1999, Jeremy Gilley founded Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation. In 2001 Peace One Day's efforts were rewarded when the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September—Peace Day.

Peace One Day's objective is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September, making it a day that is self-sustaining, an annual day of global unity, a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known. On Peace Day 2008 Afghanistan recorded a 70% reduction in violent incidents (source: United Nations Department of Safety and Security).

Activities inspired by Peace One Day include: One Day One Goal, an initiative to foster the spirit of peace through football; One Day One Dance, an intitiative to inspire international friendship through dance; Set for Peace, bringing people together through music; and numerous peace concerts.

Peace ONESIE Day

Inspired by such events as The Zombie Shuffle and Wintervalk, Peace Onesie Day is about celebrating what we DO want by taking a walk through the city dressed in onesies (or anime cosplay, fursuits, fancy dress, or just something comfortable) carrying words of peace.

Turn up noon sharp at Treasury Gardens on Sunday 21 September. We have a map to follow and peace words you can print out before the walk. After the walk have a great time eating lunch with your friends (maybe even some new ones) at Melbourne Central!

Peace One Day and onesie

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