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Travelling again

Yes folks, we're off on another trip!  Here's the itinerary:

July 17         Fly Melbourne - Los Angeles - San Diego (arrive 1:35pm)
July 18-23      San Diego Comic Con
July 24         Fly San Diego - Seattle (arrive 5:34pm)
July 25-26	Visit Katherine's brother and sister in Seattle
July 27-28	Return boat trip to Victoria, Canada
July 29-30	Visit Katherine's brother and sister in Seattle
July 31         Fly Seattle - Denver - Frankfurt
August 1        Arrive Frankfurt 2:30pm
August 1	Train Frankfurt - Stuttgart
August 2-6	Visit Andrew's grandmother (and mother, who is also visiting)
August 2-6	Visit Friedrichshafen (Zeppelin), Fuessen (Neuschwanstein) etc.
August 7	Train Stuttgart - Hamburg
August 8	Meet Thorsten Wesskallnies (Ozy & Mille German translator)
August 9	Fly Hamburg - Helsinki
August 10 or 11	Visit Moominland
August 12	Visit Jyvaskyla
August 13       Fly Helsinki - Copenhagen, train Copenhagen - Aarhus
August 14-18    Hypertext 2001 Aarhus
August 15	Katherine: Fly Billund - Amsterdam - Washington - SFO - Medford
August 18	Andrew: Train Aarhus - Copenhagen
August 19       Andrew: Fly Copenhagen - Brussels - Washington - SFO - Redding
August 20-21	Visit Katherine's parents in Redding
August 22       Fly Redding - San Francisco (arrive 9:24pm)
August 22	Katherine: Fly San Francisco - Sydney - Melbourne
August 24	Katherine arrives Melbourne 9:20am
August 23-26	Andrew: Visit friends in San Francisco and the Bay Area
August 27-30    Andrew: LinuxWorld Expo San Francisco
September 2     Andrew: Fly San Francisco - Sydney - Melbourne
September 4     Andrew arrives Melbourne 9:20am

If anyone will be in those cities on those dates, feel free to email
us and see if it's possible for us to meet!  We will probably post trip
photos online again this year so stay tuned.

Share and enjoy,
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