Multiple and Overlapping Links

Currently overlapping links are absolutely impossible in HTML. It makes little difference that it might be more explanatory of where a link may be leading by including a few words on either side which might be used for another link. Worse still any concepts I may mention can only have one link associated with its words, when I would much prefer to make it clear that from this concept readers can span out to several related issues. Should I write about "plot" within storytelling I may very well want my readers to be able to link from there to sections I might title "Definitions of Plot", "Traditional Plot Structures", and "New Plot Structures in a Computer-Mediated Environment".

Hyperwave addresses this issue by stacking coloured lines across selected words. The reader then selects a colour to find out what is on the other end of the link. This means that if the readers know which link they are about to take, they have to carefully aim their mouse cursor over the appropriately coloured tiny line to access the next page. If the readers do not know which link they are about to take, they simply know there are several related links and will be randomly selecting one. This situation is somewhat ameliorated by a navigation window that can be referred to in order to get a better idea of where a link is leading.

Multicosm addresses this issue by either taking the readers to a page which lists all of the next links or, my favourite solution, exhibiting a pop-up box which lists all of the links. Better still might be to combine the Multicosm pop-up box with fluid links.